Field Day 2016

Our thanks to Saranac Community Schools for hosting ARRL Field Day 2016 for the Riverside Radio Amateurs ARC.

{Ahhh, the hitch is at the other end of the trailer…I’m just sayin’}

We had beautiful weather Friday through Sunday morning.

{I can’t believe I just ate seven cheeseburgers!!}

We made over 200 contacts, voice and Morse code.

{Is that a ground wire, or are you happy to see me?}









We had four stations running simultaneously throughout the contest.

{Thank you for your support Western Michigan & Northern Indiana Emergency Disaster Services !}








{This wire wasn”t here a minute ago….was it?}

The Salvation Army supplied us with plenty of hydration, snacks and food to make sure we had energy to work through the entire contest.

{Honey, I shrunk the laptop !}








{Sharp three element home made beam ! …and the car’s for sale πŸ˜‰ }






{Would you believe this trailer is 145 feet long?}

We had quite a few visitors this year. Β Thanks to WION for helping to get the word out about our Field Day activities this year!

{Make more QSO’s or I’ll turn the fan off!@!}
{We forgot the club callsign ;-( }
{Beautiful day… We’re in our happy place!}
{Hey!! Where’s my operator?? Let’s make some QSO’s here!!}
{Who’s your DURA cell??}

















K8DC conducted a training exercise dealing with the use of solar power in amateur radio field operations.

The cells pictured in this post are keeping two deep cycle batteries topped off. Β The batteries, in turn, are providing power for an Icom IC-7300, as well as lighting and ventilation equipment.

Thank you, Jay, for the informative seminar, as well as for the ABT’s, which kept our individual power cells operational Friday evening ! !


{Ahhh..I got my thumb stuck in the paddle… A little help here??}
{Happy Field Day 2016 Folks ! !}

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