Radio Rally Info

Our first-ever Radio Rally event will be held this Saturday, November 16th 2019 and we hope you will join us! If you plan to attend and haven’t yet let us know, please respond by email so we know about how may people to expect. Linked below is a map to our location, and a document giving details about how the event will work.

Map to 5475 Darby Rd

Radio Rally Info

The event officially starts at 1PM but you are welcome to come as early as 12:30 to get signed in and test your radios. We will try to wrap things up by 4PM but people are welcome to stay later and socialize. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

The weather forecast calls for sunshine and light winds with a high temperature around 32 degrees. Because you will need to walk around outside at each checkpoint, please bring warm clothing and footwear appropriate for walking on some snow. Our road sometimes gets slippery so please plan enough time to get here safely.

We have designed the course to keep you close enough to the repeater in Saranac so that those with only a handheld transceiver can participate. This makes the course relatively compact, so you won’t be driving great distances. There should be plenty of time to complete the course so you will be able to drive it at a safe and leisurely pace.

For this event we will use the WA8RRA repeater located at the school building in Saranac. The frequency is 444.725 MHz, offset +5MHz, tone 94.8 Hz. As a backup in case of repeater failure (unlikely) we will alternatively use simplex 147.420 MHz. If possible please have these frequencies programmed into your radios ahead of time but if you need help, then try to arrive early so we can help you.

If you are coming by yourself we will help match you up with teammates, and we’ll team up non-licensed participants with licensed hams. Each team will need to bring a pen or pencil and something on which to write while walking around, such as a clipboard or notebook.

A $100 cash prize will be awarded to a charity chosen by the winning team. Any non-political 501(c)(3) charity is eligible, subject to our approval.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions, and we hope to see you on Saturday!

Jay & Liz McClellan K8DC & K8DCL


1PM-4PM Saturday November 16, 2019

A Road Rally and Scavenger Hunt using Ham Radio
Brought to you by Jay & Liz McClellan, K8DC & K8DCL

Teams of 2 or 3 drive to checkpoints and compete to solve puzzles,
find items and answer questions while communicating with a Net Control Station.

$100 cash prize will be awarded to a charity chosen by the winning team.

No experience? No radio? No license? No problem!
Non-hams are welcome to team up with licensed operators and get on the air.
Teams get a bonus for having any non-licensed person talk on the radio.

If you don’t have a team that’s fine, we’ll pair folks up before the event starts.
Each team needs only a vehicle and a mobile or handheld radio.
It’s not a race so any vehicle is fine and no special driving skills are needed.

Starting & Ending Location: 5475 Darby Rd, Saranac MI 48881
Snacks and refreshments will be served afterward.

Event repeater: WA8RRA   444.725MHz +, PL 94.8 Hz

To register or for more info, just email your name and call sign (if any) to K8DC@ARRL.NET.
Walk-ins are welcome but by registering you’ll get updates and important details ahead of time.


Fun and fellowship while advancing the radio art and providing service to the public.