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Yaesu System Fusion Repeater to replace clubs current Repeater

The club bought a Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion Digital Repeater. It was delivered to N8MRC’s QTH on Friday Jan 2nd. Mike has the new repeater rack mounted in the clubs go box. He is heading up to the School on Monday Jan 6th to get the old repeater. He has to get the duplexer out of the old one so he can install it in the new repeater. The neat thing is this new repeater can be used either FM or Digital. Later on down the road the repeater will be connected to WIRES X for world wide communications. Starting on Monday Jan 6th the repeater will be off the air for about a week.



Jay & Liz McClellan, K8DC & K8DCL

This event is a combination road rally, scavenger hunt and trivia contest coordinated using ham radio. Teams of 2 or 3 drive to checkpoints and compete to solve puzzles, find items and answer questions while communicating with a Net Control Station. Bonus points are earned by answering trivia questions over the air, and there’s a bonus for having a non-licensed person talk on the air under supervision of a licensed control operator so non-hams are encouraged to participate.

Our first-ever Radio Rally was held November 16th, 2019 and we had 15 people participating on 6 teams, including several non-hams. Participants had a great time, as did we. Congratulations to our two winning teams, who tied for first place and split the $100 prize donated to charities of their choice.

Mary Lou Gooding, and Greg Stoike, KN4CK, with their winning donation to Relief After Violent Encounter
Hercules Andrus, KE8DGF, and Sharon Settlemyre, KE8LIQ, with their winning donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

In order to encourage others to host similar events, we’ve put together a Getting Started Guide along with all the documents we used for our event, that you can download using the links below: