2016 ARRL International DX Phone Contest


The shack is ready for action.  This year we have two rigs and at least partial coverage of all approved contest bands.

Station “0” – Kenwood TS-2000 into an Ameritron AL-811h, with choice of 80m – 10m OCF wire or a tri-band 3-el Yagi.









Station “1” – Yaesu FT-2000d, 200w barefoot and into a tri-band loaded dipole, covering 160-80-40 (and usable on 15m) or a single band 60m dipole (usable on 10m)

DSCF2203First Op to arrive for the contest!  Hi Paul !! [W8OPD]




Gene arrives and mentors Paul in the fine art of preparing for “treats & eats” ! [AB8KP & W8OPD]


“You’ll have to keep my coffee cup filled if you want me to make QSOs !”










John is working 15m on the 2000d, in-between bursts of “interference” from the TS-2000 & AL-811h! [KD8WZH]


Allen is trying to work DX stations, but really wants to get a piece of apple pie!  [KD8WEG]










20 contacts in 5 minutes…. That pie was goooood !!


Filling the log with contacts… 160m looks lonely.  We never did make a contact on 160… our antenna covered the wrong part of the band.  Lesson learned.  Maybe next year??









Jay is wary of radiation poisoning or RF burns in delicate places! A dedicated QRP Op, he is somewhat put off by the amp, until he deals with the first couple o’ pileups! [K8DC]


Club president, Mike takes a “brief” rest from supervising the contest efforts…  How can you eat 3 bowls of firehouse chili and 2 lbs of Mac & cheese and be expected to work DX ?? [N8MRC]







Lucy says she will work the Kenwood if she can have one of the great cookies that Jay brought!  [K8DOG]


Thanks Jay !!










You have to make alot of pulled-pork, chili, mac & cheese and bean dip to get through a 48 hour contest!! … Well, at least with the Riverside Radio Amateurs you do.


Pie’s almost gone… good thing it’s only 3 months ’til Field day!

Good DX & 73 everyone 😉

P.S.  In between meals & snacks:  455 contacts, 275,730 points & 86 countries.

School is in session !

For the past two months, our members have been staying after meeting to increase their “HAM Education.”

Last month, our pres, Mike N8MRC, held class for hams interested in becoming Volunteer Examiners..

This last meeting, our resident engineer, Jay K8DC, conducted a seminar on the science and applied technology involved in constructing efficient choke and current baluns for line to antenna load impedance matching and elimination of common mode rf on the outside of coaxial transmission lines.

DSCF2190 DSCF2191 DSCF2193 DSCF2194

If you are interested in learning about ham radio….beginning a new and fascinating hobby or enhancing your current skills in the radio art, please join us at the Saranac Community Schools technology facility, 2nd Tuesday of the month.  7:00pm !

Fun and fellowship while advancing the radio art and providing service to the public.