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1PM-4PM Saturday November 16, 2019

A Road Rally and Scavenger Hunt using Ham Radio
Brought to you by Jay & Liz McClellan, K8DC & K8DCL

Teams of 2 or 3 drive to checkpoints and compete to solve puzzles,
find items and answer questions while communicating with a Net Control Station.

$100 cash prize will be awarded to a charity chosen by the winning team.

No experience? No radio? No license? No problem!
Non-hams are welcome to team up with licensed operators and get on the air.
Teams get a bonus for having any non-licensed person talk on the radio.

If you don’t have a team that’s fine, we’ll pair folks up before the event starts.
Each team needs only a vehicle and a mobile or handheld radio.
It’s not a race so any vehicle is fine and no special driving skills are needed.

Starting & Ending Location: 5475 Darby Rd, Saranac MI 48881
Snacks and refreshments will be served afterward.

Event repeater: WA8RRA   444.725MHz +, PL 94.8 Hz

To register or for more info, just email your name and call sign (if any) to K8DC@ARRL.NET.
Walk-ins are welcome but by registering you’ll get updates and important details ahead of time.